Shows Like How I Met Your Mother That You Will Be Captivated With

We have all watched that one show or a movie franchise that made us extremely sad when it finished. Subsequently, we have found ourselves searching like crazy for something similar to it because we have already rewatched it too many times. Usually, those are our comfort shows. We can relate to the characters, or it reminds us of a certain period in our lives and brings beautiful memories. Whatever the case is, we know it is hard to find something that can measure up to our favorite show. For a lot of us, that show is How I Met Your Mother.

Most certainly, there will be no other Robin, and nobody will ever be as legendary as Barney. No one will ever search for their love as passionately as Ted did. No other couple will have our hearts as Lily and Marshall did. However, we cannot but try to find the best possible alternatives and storylines to fill the void.

When I first watched How I Met Your Mother, I was just a teenager. I grew up watching the show and it was a very important part of my teenage years. I would use the jokes and references from the show in my daily life and it very much affected my personality. We can all imagine how unfortunate it was when I finished the series. I was searching for a long time for shows like How I Met Your Mother, and here is my final list:

Friends (1994-2004)

If you know anything about this show, you can assume why it is the first one on our list. If, however, by any chance you got through life without watching it – give it a try. Many feel repulsed by its popularity. However, you should know that How I Met Your Mother was certainly inspired by Friends.

Friends is a very popular sitcom from the mid-90s to mid-00s. The storyline follows six friends, with different personalities that match perfectly with each other. In the first episode, they introduce us to runaway bride Rachel who runs into her high-school friend Monica and her friends. The two of them soon become roommates. Their neighbors Chandler and Joey will become your favorite duo ever. There is also Monica’s brother and Chandler’s college friend, Ross. Finally, there is Pheobe, the funniest, coolest and, purest person on planet Earth.

The makers definitely filled this show with amazing jokes, very likable characters, the ones you will hate and love at the same time. Moreover, there are romance, love triangles, and all that sealed with true friendship feeling. It is an absolute must-watch. And if you ever feel nostalgic about this one, make sure to see Friends reunion special – The One Where They Get Back Together.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013-2021)

This show is packed up with amazing humor, characters that you got to love, and a little bit of action. If you are a fan of police stories, this one is perfect for you. The show follows Det. Jake Peralta and his colleagues from NYPD’s 99th Precinct. Our main character is somewhere immature but still very smart and a good detective. His life becomes more complicated when new Captain Raymond Hold takes over. You will die for the tension between our ambitious Amy and Jake. Rosa is our favorite tough detective who is actually incredibly sweet. In her own ways. If you can’t imagine a show without sarcastic comments – no worries! There is Gina, civilian administrator, egomaniac and, the main source of sarcastic comments. Charles, our favorite clumsy guy and, Terry, a sweet giant are part of a super squad you are going to love!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the best shows like How I Met Your Mother. True friendship stories do not lack. They have mysterious moments, breathtaking romance scenes, and most importantly – lots and lots of laughs!

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New Girl (2011-2018)

After she finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her, Jess makes a reckless decision. She moves in with three guys – Nick, Schmidt, and Winston. Her best friend Cece soon becomes a part of a squad. All of the characters are in their thirties, trying desperately to navigate through life. Have you ever been through hard or good times, you know it is best when you have friends around. As Barney would say – whatever you do in this life, it’s not legendary if your friends are not there to see it.

These characters made sure to be there for each other through everything which is why this show is very much like How I Met Your Mother. New Girl was actually inspired and is somewhere a successor of HIMYM. The main characters are adventurous, silly, and endearing. We have Barney-like character Schmidt, and a lot of romantic scenes between these friends. Two girls and three boys will take you on a roller-coster trip through their thirties.

The Office (US Version) (2005-2013)

This one is probably a little bit different from what you were used to seeing in How I Met Your Mother. Humor is a somewhere different, and definitely different way of storytelling. However, what this show doesn’t lack at all is daily adventures, colleagues to friends relationships, and loads of laughs. Though it may take some time to get used to it, you will most certainly enjoy this classic comedy show.

The plot revolves around The Office of the paper company located in Scranton. What can be interesting in that, you may ask. Well, amazing characters! Michael Scott, the boss, will captivate your attention with his sarcastic comments, inside jokes, and great punchlines. The show is an astonishing satire of corporate office workers, their egos, and inappropriate behavior.

The Big Bang Theory (2007-2019)

We can all agree that adulting is hard and we can all be socially awkward sometimes. If that is the case with you, we assure you this show is just the right choice. The friend group in this show contains six friends, extremely intelligent scientists, socially awkward geeks, and one aspiring actress. The show is following their daily interactions with the world, taking us on their adventurous journey as scientists.

The show is packed with scientific jokes, loads of sarcasm, and true friendship vibes. This one is not so romantic as How I Met Your Mother can be. However, you should give it a try if you are a fan of intellectual jokes and unexpected sarcastic comments.

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Modern Family (2009-2020)

We know this show is not based on friendships but on relationships between family members. However, just like How I Met Your Mother never failed to deliver magnificent insight into how friendships work, Modern Family takes us on a family journey. This show revolves around three generations of family members. You must admit, that alone sounds very interesting already. Their family is very diverse, each character special in its own way. Romance is not lacking in any of those three generations, and nor do good jokes. The humor of the show is very light-hearted. However, writers managed to touch on very important topics in a witty way.  Moreover, you will be delighted by the amazing performance of charming Sofia Vergara and her embracing her Colombian accent.

Whether you are searching for just good entertainment or want to relate to the characters you are watching, you should give this show a go. You will find teenagers fighting their problems, adults trying hard not to fail, and elders facing challenges in being the oldest ones. As we said, it is impossible not to find something to relate to.

Seinfeld (1989-1998)

The OG of the group-of-friends-living-life sitcom genre is most certainly Seinfeld. As this show was the first one of this kind that aired back in 1989, it set a path for upcoming shows with similar storylines. They often refer to Seinfeld as a “show about nothing” as its plot is not as overarching as the ones in Friends and How I Met Your Mother. However, this show delivers splendid jokes, and some of them even being later used in Friends and HIMYM.

Seinfeld is not your typical TV show, and it might have problematic moments nowadays. Yet, this show carries very special energy and humor that cannot be found just anywhere. We can follow the lives of four friends – Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer. They live in New York City and have their special place where a big shot of scenes were taken (sounds familiar?). We are following their daily life, enjoy their random conversations that tickle our minds every once in a while, and above all, we laugh. A lot.

Two and a Half Men (2003-2015)

Yet another one about family relations, Two and a Half Men is a hilarious show about two brothers raising one kid together. After Alan gets divorced, he reunites with his distanced brother Charlie while trying to raise his son Jake. Being a single parent is already an extremely hard job, but can you imagine how hard it becomes when you have your drunk-playboy brother around? Charlie seems to start liking the kid, which is very unusual for him. It becomes hard for Alan to keep his kid away from his rebellious uncle.

The show is packed with witty jokes, emotional scenes, and family drama. We meet a super unique sense of humor, hilarious characters, and of course – a romance. What else do you need? It is also important to mention that they also twice nominated this show for Golden Globe Award. Consider giving this show a try once you get to it. We are quite sure you will not regret it. Who can stay indifferent to a caring single dad, non-conventional problematic uncle with a soft spot for his nephew?

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Scrubs (2001-2010)

Even though you would probably put this one on the medical shows list, we believe it belongs to this one too. It is not one of the typical shows like How I Met Your Mother. However, if you replace The Pub with a hospital, you kind of get the same effect from these two shows. Scrubs follows the story of John Michael Dorian in his medical career in Sacred Heart Hospital. Even though the show is seen as a medical drama, and doesn’t lack serious moments and medical accuracy, it also doesn’t lack cynism and humor. They strive for somewhere even bizarre comedy scenes and we are here for it! Our main character learns about friendship and love along with learning about medicine.

Maybe you are not the biggest fan of medical TV shows, and that is perfectly fine, you can most certainly skip this one and watch some other from our list. However, if you don’t mind a little blood and medical drama, this one has exceptional humor and is definitely worth binge-watching.

2 Broke Girls (2011-2017)

Do you like stories about crazy rich people going broke and changing their lives fundamentally? This one is just like that. Caroline is a rich girl who became very poor due to unfortunate events. To make money, she is forced to start working at a greasy spoon diner where she meets our other heroine – Max. Max is also broke. She is just used to it. The show is following two girls on their way to getting out of debt, making a decent living, and forming a strong friendship that wasn’t so likely from the beginning.

They dream about launching a business together. They just need the money. At the end of every episode, we can see a balance on their accounts. What we can also see in the meantime is them earning each other’s trust, love, and friendship. The show does not lack sarcastic jokes, so you will definitely like this one!


To sum up, this is our list of top shows like How I Met Your Mother that you will be captivated with. As we all know, no show will ever replace our favorite one. However, you should give a try to the ones similar to them as you might discover new favorites. Make sure to always take notice that senses of humor are different and you might not like all of these. But, most certainly, you will find at least one that is worth your time!

Author: Editorial team