How Much To Spend On Baby Shower Gift + Gift Ideas

Did you suddenly found yourself in a situation where your friends or family members are getting babies? They are inviting you to their baby shower parties and you have no idea how much to spend on baby shower gift or what to buy? No worries, we have all been there. If you are not a parent yourself, then you are probably very lost and absolutely clueless about this matter. 

What are actually baby showers?

Baby shower tradition dates back to the Victorian era. The custom was to bring a gift for parents and their newborn babies. We can assume that the whole idea of this event is to share happiness with new parents. Also, this tradition meant a lot in terms of helping people get everything they need for a baby. That is especially important when parents-to-be are not in the best financial situation. 

Nowadays, baby showers don’t take place after a baby’s birth. Rather, parents-to-be host baby shower parties between four and six weeks before the birth. Also, everything is a bit fancier and more colorful. 

How much to spend on baby shower gift

What to buy and how much to spend on a baby shower gift?

Believe it or not, baby shower parties are always more about parents than babies. Of course, you are buying a gift for a baby. However, baby shower gifts are something that stays memorable to parents only. That’s why we suggest looking from parents’ perspective when buying gifts. If you are already a parent, then it should be easy for you since you know best what you needed the most, and what was quite useless.

When it comes to how much to spend on baby shower gift, we have several variables that might affect that answer. First and foremost – your relationship with the baby’s parents. Obviously, you will not spend the same amount of money on your distant relative as you would on your brother’s baby’s gift. 

Another important thing to think about is your budget. Sure, if you are in a position to buy whatever you want, that’s great. However, if you are struggling at the moment, and especially if your friends/family members are aware of that, you shouldn’t be spending your last money on an overpriced baby shower gift. Don’t forget, you can always buy another gift later or help in some other ways. 

Last but not least question you should ask yourself is – will this be useful? Of course, there are many cute gifts that you can spend hundreds of dollars on, but will only end up in some dusty corner in the room because – they are useless.

Considering all the above, here is our guide on how much to spend on baby shower gift.

#1 Close Family Member Or a Best Friend

Of course, these are your most important people in life. Taking that into consideration, it is only logical that you will put the most effort (and money) into these gifts. As these are your closest people, you should be able to identify what is most needed or desirable for them. Based on what type of person they are, you might even ask them directly what do they want. If, however, they are the kind of person who would answer with “Oh, nothing really!” because they are too shy, you can always ask subtle questions to find out what they want. 

When it comes to how much to spend on baby shower gift, for this category particularly, the average gifts range from $50 to $150. As we already mentioned, your budget determines your gift. It is completely fine to gift something that is not that expensive. However, it is bought with love and much care. For your closest ones, you might want to strike for something that will be quite used and memorable. Things such as a crib or a stroller might be exquisite gifts Especially considering those are the items that will be remembered even by the baby, maybe even reused for another child and parents have to buy it either way. However, it’s a win-win situation!

#2 Distant Family Member Or a Friend

There are the people you know and value very much. However, you are not that close. Thus, your gift may be lower priced. This doesn’t mean you don’t care enough or you should be ashamed your gift is not as fancy as somebody else’s. This just means that this parents-to-be already have their close relatives and best friends who spent more because of their relationship.

For this kind of people in your life, the gifts you can aim for can be something unique or quite basic but always needed such as a blanket. Extremely popular gifts these days are gift baskets. You might as well make up a gift basket with diapers, little socks, baby products such as shampoos and creams. Every parent will be thankful for a gift like that, and it will most certainly be properly used. Another good and very affordable idea is one of those personalized baby journals that parents can use from day one to record every moment of a baby’s journey.

When speaking on how much to spend on baby shower gift for this category, we might say that $30 to $50 are quite sufficient and will allow you to buy a nice and useful gift. 

#3 Work Colleague

These can again be separated into a few categories since you probably don’t have the same relationship with all your colleagues. However, these people still fall into the category that is more your acquaintance than your friend. Keeping that in mind, it is perfectly logical that these gifts are not expected to be anything quite special. Rather, it is more a way of showing your coworker that you are happy for them and wish them all the best. Nobody expects you to buy fancy toys or other super expensive gifts.

Buying a baby romper, or any piece of baby clothing actually is a perfectly suitable gift. Also, you can always go for those types of toys that help babies fall asleep or keep them occupied while their parents change their diapers for example. If you are worried about how much to spend on baby shower gift for your coworker, $15 to $25 is absolutely fine. Many of your coworkers will be grateful that you put an effort to show up at all since you are not that close.

How much to spend on baby shower gift

Is it obligatory to bring a gift?

Just as any other celebration, baby showers are more about celebrating. In this case, you are celebrating new life and a new role for the parents. Taking that into consideration, most parents will only want you there with them, to share their happiness. However, if you are not struggling financially, gift is always a good idea. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular. Even small signs of attention will do. Moreover, the most unique and special gifts usually don’t end up being the most expensive ones. Still, your friends and family should always understand your position. Thus, no bad blood if you are unable to buy something right away.

Bonus: 6 Gift Ideas For Baby Showers

#1 Baby Carrier

We are sure you have already seen one of these out there. It can be super helpful for those who are already parents and have another kid to care about while walking. Baby carriers are extremely practical if the parent is going for a long walk or grocery shopping since it allows them to use their hands for other things needed while also carrying a baby. This one also comes in handy if the baby is nervous or simply wants to be close to the parent all the time. 

#2 Baby Mobiles

We all know how little ones can have trouble falling asleep. That, of course, very much affects the baby’s parents and their sleeping schedule. Some babies have the best sleep while being in a crowded room. As soon as they are left alone, they wake up and start crying. What comes in handy in situations like that are baby mobiles. They usually offer lullabies or very calming sounds that affect the baby’s sleep. Make sure to do research and check with parents if what do they think of this since some argue that it is best to leave a baby in silence.

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#3 Backpack

Without any doubt, what every baby parent needs is a good practical backpack. Just think of all the things they have to carry with them everywhere they go. Starting from diapers and creams to extra clothes, they simply need everything to be near. They will use it daily and will be super grateful for your gift. There are many different types of backpacks on the market so it shouldn’t be a problem finding the one. Make sure to pay attention to the size and the material as it will be used literally every day. It is perfect when the baby’s backpack has also a side pocket for parents’ phones, keys, or wallets. You certainly won’t make a mistake if you go for this one. 

#4 Baby Care Playmat

As soon as this baby (or babies!) is able to do anything really, they want to play. What can come in really handy, especially after they start crawling, is a colorful playmat. It will be their favorite spot in the house and you will be the one who provided it. This gift is very special as it will be a part of many childhood memories. We all had one special spot in the house that we will never forget, and you have a perfect chance to create one for that little one!

#5 Car Seat

If you want to be a bit more generous, the car seat is a perfect gift for the occasion. This is something parents will need from day one anyway. Thus, if you decide to go with something big, the car seat is the right option. However, for this one you might want to consult parents first as car seats can be different and they can tell you which one suits them the best. Another reason why you shouldn’t be buying this without talking to the parents first is that they might already have someone who decided to gift them one of those. It is completely fine to discuss details of gifts like this, as they are something that will also be used daily.

#6 Bib Set and Cute Bottle

You know the little ones can be very messy while eating. Who can blame them for that? They just want their food! That is why this gift can be super handy and cute at the same time. You can get very creative and buy or even design a print yourself. These personalized little things will always be adorable on little ones and also used very frequently. As parents will need a clean one every few hours, it is a splendid idea to buy a set of bibs. You can go for prints that refer to holidays or special occasions. That way, the baby will have the cutest little bib saying “Happy Birthday” and we all want to see that. Along with that, little bottles with cute prints are too precious and you might want to add that to your gift.

How much to spend on baby shower gift

To Conclude

To conclude everything above, we can say that there is no right or wrong answer to how much to spend on baby shower gift. As long as you are buying it with love, it is the most worthy thing in the world. The point of baby shower parties is to share the joy with parents-to-be and show them your support. As for the gift, make sure you are choosing practical, unique, or memorable gifts. No one will remain indifferent to those.

Don’t forget

No matter how much money you spend and how fancy your gift may or may not be, make sure to add a little note to that. Everybody loves personal notes and no gift will ever replace an honest well-written congratulations card. It will only add up to your gift and will certainly stay forever remembered.

Author: Editorial team